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Why do bridal photos? McKinney Cotton Mill Bridals | Dallas wedding photographer

Downtown McKinney Cotton Mill bridal photos with Nikole shot by Dallas wedding photographer Laura Miller.


One of my favorite things about being a Dallas wedding photographer is getting to do bridal photos. Bridal sessions are a unique opportunity for a bride to be to take a moment and not only celebrate the anticipation of the day, but also to take some time for herself in the midst of all of the wedding planning and craziness and get dolled up, pampered and just live in the moment.

While you will get photographed in your dress on your actual wedding day, an actual bridal session is different. On the day of, you are running around like crazy, fielding the bridal party, your parents, guests, and trying to get everything together, so you don’t always have a ton of time to get portraits of just you by yourself. The bridal session solves this.

I have three main reasons for loving bridals.

Reason 1: You

I always ask each of my brides this. How many times in your life to you get completely decked out in a gorgeous gown, with your hair and make-up done? During the bridal session, you’re looking your best, you feel amazing, you’re excited about things to come, and you have the happy “glow” to prove it. Also, part of being a good spouse is being a great YOU. I’m not saying doing bridals will make you a better person, haha, but getting your glam on and having some fun in front of the camera is a fantastic way to boost confidence and anticipation for the day!

Reason 2: Your parents and your groom… the people who love you the most.

Nice portraits with a heartfelt note of thanks for your parents or a love letter for your guy on your wedding day is guaranteed to be a hit. Parents love beautiful portraits of their little girl and your groom will always treasure images of you, the woman he has fallen head over heels for, his bride. These will be kept and remembered forever.

Reason 3: For me!

Okay I know what you’re thinking, “Ummm, Laura, I think you might be a little bit biased being a Dallas wedding photographer and all…” but hear me out! Bridals are one of my faaaavorite kinds of sessions. Why? Because it gives me a chance to show you what a hottie you are. Womens self image is immensely important to me. It is one of my goals in life to show as many women as I can how insanely beautiful they are, just as they are, right now. Not after they get more make-up, not after they lose 15 pounds… I want them to see how gorgeous they are. Now and always.

I feel like as women we are surrounded and constantly bombarded with messages of insecurity and negativity and in whatever tiny way I can, I want to show women that they are beautiful right now, as they are. When you see women in magazines, they are wearing fancy clothes, their hair and make-up have been professionally applied and they have been photographed by professionals who photograph them to show off their best features. Well, what do you do in bridals? You wear a fancy dress, you get your hair and make-up professionally applied and you get photographed by a professional who photographs you in a way to show off your best assets! So they are definitely a taste of that Hollywood treatment, and I think every woman should get in on that. 🙂

If you read all of that, you rock! As a reward, I will share a session of some of my favorite bridal photos at the McKinney Cotton Mill with Nikole.

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Shot for Mulberry Lane by Dallas wedding photographer Laura Miller.
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