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    I’m Laura Miller and I’m so happy that you’re here! I’m a DFW based wedding and portrait photographer. Whether you're a local or on the other side of the world, I’d love to take your picture.

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Meet Laura


Hi there!

I’m Laura Miller and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas. While Texas is home, I love to travel and I’m always looking for opportunities to explore new places, so if you like my work, I’d be happy to follow you where ever you want to shoot!

I am married to my sweet and nerdy husband, Russell. We share a cosy little house near Firewheel Mall with our kitties Suki, Kei, and our mini-weenie dog Tinkerbell. The cats don’t do much, and Tink’s favorite trick is what I like to call the “Here’s my belly, pet me!” We love watching Game of Thrones, the Office re-runs, rocking out to Weezer, perusing art exhibits and going on Central Market “picnic dates.” We love NYC and Japan, although we’ve only been to Japan once! Russell is a diehard Doctor Pepper fan, while I prefer unhealthy amounts of sweet tea and Toffee Nut Frappuccinos.

I don’t believe in cookie cutter couples, and therefore don’t believe in cookie cutter photography. You’re beautifully unique, and whether you’re artsy, silly, romantic, modern, vintage, rustic or anything else, I strive to capture photos tailored to you in a way that is meaningful and reflective of your personality and your own personal brand of love. Let’s chat!

Taking on all of the DFW, Plano, Frisco, Garland, Rockwall, McKinney, Denton and beyond… I am your girl for all of your portraits and wedding photography needs. Call or E-mail me to book your wedding or session today through the contact page! Also, don’t forget to go “like” Laura Miller Photography on Facebook, follow me on instagram and twitter!



I have always been a creative person, from the time I spent as a little girl, going through photos in my grandma’s room taken by my uncle, dad and grandpa, I gained a love for documentation and storytelling. Seeing pictures of great-great-grandparents and cousins in clothes from another time sparked my curiosity. Seeing pictures by a grandfather I never got to meet of people from John F. Kennedy to Salvador Dali, other figures from the time, and even photos of my dad as a child playing at the news station where my grandpa worked, made me feel connected. These photos told me of a history that I never knew I had, and yet I cherished them instantly and deeply.

For a long time, drawing and music was how I explored my creativity. I loved playing the trumpet and other instruments throughout my childhood and into college. I majored in Graphic Design in college and found myself looking forward to projects where we were asked to take photos. I won awards and was featured in galleries for both my photography and illustration. I even photographed a few relatives’ weddings. However, I still wanted to give design a shot, because I thought that photographers only worked for newspapers or movie stars and I’m no writer or Hollywood type. Being a designer fulfilled my creativity and I was happy.

Then I got married, and upon looking at my wedding photos, those feelings of connection and nostalgia that I got thumbing through photos in my childhood came rushing back. Seeing my parents all dressed up, my widespread family all in one room, kids playing, grandparents dancing, old uncles looking bored (as always,) and of course the first sweet moments of married life with my soulmate as my husband. This was my story. In my hands, in tangible little printed rectangles that I could keep. What an amazing gift that my photographer had just given me. There was simply no value that I would put on these little pieces of paper. This is when photography hit me. I had to pick it up again.

While still working as a graphic designer, I got my first DSLR and started doing sessions with friends for practice. As fate would have it, I was soon laid off from my design job, and while I had been laid off before, this time was different. This time, I felt liberated. My first thought was, “God is giving me an opportunity to do what I was made to do.” I was so excited to have a chance to pursue photography! I assisted and shot weddings and sessions with several extremely talented photographers in the area until I had enough experience to shoot on my own. Upon editing the photos from my first solo weddings, I felt the greatest excitement. I was going to be able to give other couples the gift my photographer had given me. Now I have gotten to do that for many, many more, and it never gets old. Each couple is refreshing and new and I can’t wait to witness their story unfold. I can’t wait to give your children and children’s children photos of their story and how it began with you.

Nothing is more fulfilling for me than this. I love what I do. Storytelling is in my heart. Be it your wedding day or a portrait session documenting a time in your life, being able to give you this gift is nothing short of a dream.


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